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Chicago - May. 3, 2016
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The [Tuesday] Papers

By Steve Rhodes / Posted on May 3, 2016

"Very few police misconduct complaints see the light of day. Only about 7 percent are sustained, and only 2 percent result in officer discipline, according to the City of Chicago's own data. What most troubles people looking to enhance police accountability, including Mayor Rahm Emanuel's handpicked task force, is that the majority of the complaints never get investigated," Eleanore Catalico writes for the Chicago Reporter.

"Of the 17,700 civilian complaints filed from 2011 to 2014, investigators didn't open cases on 58 percent of them. Why? They were marked 'no affidavit.' Due to a state law and police union contract rules, civilians must sign sworn affidavits to accompany their official complaints."

To understand why that's a problem, click through.


Related: Police union chief Dean Angelo vs. police task force chair Lori Lightfoot on Chicago Tonight tonight. Oops, this was last night. My mistake. Here's the video:


So dumb I almost didn't tweet it but those are the tweets that always get the most response:


Wrestling Hall Of Fame Evicts Hastert
He wasn't even the best coach at Yorkville.

How Barclay's Turned A $10 Billion Profit Into A Tax Loss
Windfall for executives sticks citizens with the bill.

More Bad Concussions News For Kids
Stay away from football - and the playground.

Cook County Bird Of The Month: The Baltimore Oriole
Give 'em some sugar.







When is Illinois Hates You Awareness Month?


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MUSIC - The Weekend In Chicago Rock.
TV - Election Fever!
POLITICS - How Barclays Turned A $10 Billion Profit Into A Tax Loss.
SPORTS - More Bad Youth Concussion News.

BOOKS - New England Journal of Medicine Is Bullshit.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - Cook County Bird Of The Month: The Sugar-Loving Baltimore Oriole!

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