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Chicago - Oct. 24, 2014
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A tough female Chicago cop is saved from a violent gunman by a mysterious loner, and despite both having troubled pasts, they develop an attraction (tvguide.com). Okay, this movie is so bad I can't keep my eyes off it. JLo is actually a better actress than musician, and she tries here, but she had to know this was a stinker. Jim Caviezel, as frickin' "Catch," basically sleepwalks through the whole thing. The story is ridiculous. Somehow, this got made. It just pisses me off.
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The [Friday] Papers

By Steve Rhodes / Posted on October 24, 2014

A Papers column per se will not appear today, though I am working on some posts related to recent events that may appear at some point today or through the weekend.


* The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #23: It's All Cutler's Fault.

You can't keep going back to him thinking he's gonna change, honey. And no, you can't fix him. It's time to move on.

Plus: Dennis Rodman Was Drunk All The Time; Worst World Series Ever; Joakim Knee-Ah; Taking The Blackhawks For Granted; Little Big Ten; and Cubs Prepare To Block Their Own Views.

* Beachwood Photo Booth: Skully Bungalow.

Skully Bungalow is also the name of the femme fatale in my new goth Chicago noir play, The Belt That Screamed Murder.

* In production: The Beachwood Radio Hour #29.

* The College Football Report will not appear today but will return on Monday.

* The Week In Chicago Rock.

Featuring: Eddie and the Hot Rods, B-Real, King Diamond, Sha'Miracle, Gone Hawking, The White Buffalo, Anberlin, and Makaya McCraven.


* The Intellectual Norms Of Newspapers.











The Beachwood Tip Line: Ballin'.


MUSIC - The Week In Chicago Rock.
TV - Paul Lynde vs. Halloween.
POLITICS - Beachwood Radio: The Sun-Times Is A Hot Mess.
SPORTS - Beachwood Sports Radio: It's All Cutler's Fault.

BOOKS - The Onion vs. Gone Girl.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - Beachwood Photo Booth: Skully Bungalow.

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