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The [Wednesday] Papers

By Steve Rhodes / Posted on May 22, 2019

1. Make It A Michelada.

I had one last night (at Mi Tocaya Antojeria) and wondered where it had been my whole life. As the friend I was dining with put it, it's like a Bloody Mary only with beer (and spicier). We went with the Modelo, which I would recommend.

2. Beer-Infused Bratwurst.

How retro. Is the CBD trend finally over?

3. Post-Metal Cold Hope.

4. Beer Bomber Buddies.

"James Reyes of the Chicago beer-distribution family has paid a recorded $12.5 million for a waterfront Spanish Mediterranean-style house on Palm Beach's Everglades Island," the Palm Beach Daily News reports.

He bought the house at 560 Island Drive with Jennifer Ruth Blair as "tenants in common," according to the deed recorded today.

The house was sold by a couple who just moved into a new lakeside home they built across the street. Chicago businessman Fred Barbara and his wife, Lisa Humbert, paid $3.267 million for the house at No. 560 in May 1998, property records show.

Barbara sold his Chicago transportation company, Fred Barbara Trucking, the year before he bought the house, according to published reports. He had the property homesteaded in his name in the latest Palm Beach County tax rolls. Barbara and Humbert declined to comment about the sale.

Barbara is the grandson of Bruno "The Bomber" Roti (so-named for his explosives work with Al Capone). The "B" in Fred B. Barbara's name is for Bruno. His father is Fred A. Barbara; the A stands for Anthony, not Alphonse as I had hoped. Fred B. is also the nephew of the mob's infamous 1st Ward Ald. Fred Roti.

See also:

* Mob Ties Run Throughout City Truck Program.

* Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Meanwhile, the Reyes family is fucking rich.

Worse, James Reyes was once engaged to Laura Ingraham.

5. Central Illinois Has A Craft Beer Corridor.

Then again, who doesn't. Over!


6. Anheuser-Busch Says It's Ready For Transparency. It's Not.

Anheuser-Busch is beyond over.

7. The Bygone Era Of Marshfield's Rural Taverns.

Urban taverns, too.

8. Rahm Is Over.

"Rahm Emanuel was not terribly popular with the crowd at FoBAB. When introduced, a good half the crowd erupted in boos, prompting Begyle's Kevin Cary to try and to tamp down the response."

The media - especially but not exclusively the national media - does not fully appreciate just how exceedingly unpopular Rahm was; certainly not the depth of dislike. You'd think it would make a difference in how he's been treated down the homestretch, and his post-mayoral career, but then, you'd think a lot of things that don't correlate with how (sadly) the world works.


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Welcome to the dark side, Michael McCarthy.


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L7 at the Metro last night.



Eddie Vaan Shaw III at Garfield Park Conservatory.


A sampling.




The Beachwood McRibTipLine: Fear not.


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