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The [Friday] Papers

By Steve Rhodes / Posted on October 31, 2014

Everything - well, still a lot of things - in progress, including The Beachwood Radio Hour #29, The Week In Chicago Rock and as much emptying of my election notebook as I can manage between now and Tuesday. Be patient, and send food.

For now:

* Beachwood Photo Booth: Francisco Frankenstein.


* The Political Odds.


* Dirty Wars.


* The College Football Report: Huffing Paint And The HAL 9000.


* TrackNotes: Binging On The Bacchanalia.



The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #24: The Maddoning Is Happening
Cubs could still screw this up. Plus: As The Bulls Turn; Go Ahead, Sleep On The Blackhawks; and The Phil & Marc Show.


* MSNBC Is Worse Than FOX Because They (Presumably) Know Better Pt. 1,283,482.

Rachel Maddow is putrid. Somerby's caught her pulling this shit for years. MSNBC viewers are in as much of a fantastical bubble as FOX viewers.


A sampling.





The Beachwood Tip Line: Maddoning.


MUSIC - The Weekend In Chicago Rock.
TV - Paul Lynde vs. Halloween.
POLITICS - The Political Odds.
SPORTS - Beachwood Sports Radio: The Maddoning Is Happening. The College Football Report: Huffing Paint & The HAL 9000. TrackNotes: Bacchanalia Binging.

BOOKS - Local Book Notes: Dirty Wars.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - Beachwood Photo Booth: Francisco Frankenstein.

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