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Chicago - Jan. 15, 2021
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The [Friday] Papers

By Steve Rhodes / Posted on January 15, 2021

Hola, amigos.

I'm going back on hiatus; I'm not gonna half-ass this thing just for the sake of keeping it up, or appearing to. I've got plenty of other things to do.

So the site is officially suspended in animation until further notice.

That doesn't mean I won't be posting any new material. The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour will continue, shifting back to our regular Friday schedule now that the Bears season is over. And I'll continue to post work from writers such as Roger Wallenstein, Tom Chambers and David Rutter.

But for now I'm going to spend my time paying bills, cleaning up my taxes, ginning up some outside projects, tweeting, and trying to avoid getting COVID.

I still haven't even finished unpacking from my move last March. Though I still haven't finished unpacking from any move I've made since college. But still.

So, see you on the other side of whatever this is.


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