Chicago - Oct. 17, 2019
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The Crazies
4:30 p.m.
When a mysterious toxin transforms the residents of a small town into murderous maniacs, Sheriff Dutton and a small band of survivors must fight for their sanity and their lives in this pulse-pounding chiller. (
Weather Desk
Chicago: 54/41
New York City: 58/50
New Orleans: 72/64
Flint: 51/33
East Chicago: 54/40
Baghdad: 96/73
Aleppo: 85/62
Darfur: 86/72
Moscow: 65/50
Charlottesville: 63/42
San Juan: 88/78
Houston: 73/57
Las Vegas: 87/61
Parkland: 90/76
Squirrel Hill: 52/40
Thousand Oaks: 76/50
Poway: 71/61
Virginia Beach: 65/46
Gilroy: 70/50
El Paso: 80/61
Dayton: 58/37
Odessa: 81/55
Kiev: 71/44
Raqqa: 93/63
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A lotta flexing.
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No, but we do moose stuff.
Losing Lottery Numbers
112, 24, 11, 48, 38
Daily Affirmation
Groupthink is poopthink.
Ellie's Tip Of The Day
When alcoholism is suspected in a loved one, bring compassion to the task of looking for answers and help.
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The Whistle Song/Frankie Knuckles
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